Crossing the Andes from Lima to Cusco (or Vice versa) using the less frequent route:
Lima – Huancayo – Huancavelica – Ayacucho – Andahuaylas - Cusco.

Places of interest along the road: 

Huancayo:Capital of Huancayo Province, and center of the Wanka culture. The Huanca Identity Park is a lovely green park combining local architecture, art, interesting ceramic works and statues of some famous members of the local community. Museo Salesiano: displays fauna epitomizing Peru's three contrasting geographic regions, plus pottery and archaeology exhibits. Above the city worth to visit Torre-Torre, a reddish sandstone pillar that have been left behind following erosion by wind and rain.

El Macho Train from Huancayo to Huancavelica: 128 kilometers train journey on the last authentic railway track of Peru not converted to a tourist service yet and used as much by locals as by visitors. The name Macho Train was given by the locals who said "this train leaves when it wants and arrives when it feels like or when it can". The 5-hours-journey passing through 38 tunnels and 15 bridges leading most of its way along 2 rivers.

Huancavelica: a small town at a high altitude of 3600 meters with a picturesque surrounding. Great place to try the local thermal bath with public and private pools. From here we make an organized day excursion that includes short walk to Pakkari Rock formation. We also get known the life of an alpaca farmer family and try their tasty lunch prepared from alpaca meat. We get a lecture about herbs and plants used for dying textiles by the locals. This is a high altitude day excursion by private transport with local guide on a picturesque route reaching its highest pass at 4825 meters.

Ayacucho: also known as city of churches due to its rich colonial architecture. The district of Santa Anita is famous for its amazing textile, carved stone, ceramic and silver ware works. Once center of the terrorist activities "Museo de la Memoria" is a private initiative to commemorate of the thousands who died and disappeared in Peru's bloodiest conflict in the 80s and 90s.

Andahuaylas: Day trip to Laguna Pacucha considered one of the biggest and most beautiful laguna in Peru. Climbing up to nearby archeological ruins of Sondor (Chankas and Inca culture) still used for rituals due to its high underground energy concentration.

Price: 2 persons - $700/person, 3 persons - $640/person, 4 persons - $590/person

No hidden charges, price includes all arising costs during the 10 days apart from meals:

-all transport on route: Comfortable long distance buses and El Macho train (from Huancayo to Huancavelica), all local transport

***sometimes Huancavelica to Ayacucho journey is done as a combination of collectivos, taxis and combis***
-accommodation: double occupancy at family run good quality B&Bs
-organized day excursion out of Huancavellica to Pakkari Rock formation and visiting an alpaca farmer family
-entrance fee to all museums and sights on route
-breakfast where included in accommodation price
-fee of your personal tour leader and his basic expenditures

Not included: meals, gratuities and extras

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