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Visit 2 great museums in the outskirts of Lima:

If you keep asking yourself where all the gold and real treasures of Peru are the “Gold Museum of Peru and Weapons of War” is the reply for you. This private collection exhibits the largest collection of Gold of Peru with unique golden pieces representing animals, birds, human beings, ancient gods and burial artifacts. In the Weapons of War section you will find an interesting giant collection of swards, guns and military dresses from the Colonial Peru up to the Japanese samurais. The museum also displays the sward of the conqueror Francisco Pizarro.

The Nicolini Vintage Cars Museum is a must see for all old-timer lovers. This private collection exhibits more than 120 cars restored to a perfect running condition, manufactured between 1901 and 1973. You will find rarities like a Boyer (1901), a Clement (1903), the only one Wanderer Tandem Sport (1915) model in the world as well as a Cadillac Fleetwood, Presidential series used by several ex-presidents and state visitors of the country.


On the way back to the center optional stop at Parque de la Amistad (a relaxing green park in Surco District) to take a short train journey behind a mini steam locomotive.

Price of tour: $40-$50 / person.

You can reserve this trip by depositing the guide fee only ($18/person).

Museum entrance fees, transportation costs and extras will be paid during the trip. Transportation is based on combination of public buses and taxi services unless other requested.

We meet at 8.30 am at your hotel or selected location and return around 4-5 pm.