Pachacamac Ruins

This trip is about an escape some 30 kilometers to the south from Lima to discover the once most important religious center of the Peruvian coast. Pachacamac was home of many ancient pre-Columbian cultures dedicated to the Creator of Earth and God of Earthquakes.
The on-site museum displays artifact and other archeological findings discovered at the ruins.

This tour is available every day apart from Mondays and some national holidays.
I offer 2 types of excursions in different style:

 Pachacamac - off the beaten path:

Live a day of the locals during your visit Pachacamac! You were always wondering where those funny local buses are heading and how to use them?  Find your way to Pachacamac on board of local public transport with street vendors, musicians, missionaries hopping on and off your bus. With my years of experience using the city’s  public transport (and knowledge of safe and rather unsafe areas) you will return home with a unique, unforgettable experience.

I will meet you in the morning at your hotel or other chosen location than we use public buses to get to the bus stop at the entrance of the archeological site. Get prepared for a smaller trek at the site of Pachacamac as it spreads out on a larger territory. No rush though, this trip is about enjoying the view of the ancient complex with its pyramids as long as you desire to understand the significance of the most important per-Columbian religious center of the Peruvian Coast. After strolling through the ruins we visit the museum on site where all the archeological excavations are displayed. On the way back to the center we can make a stop to visit a local market and try traditional dishes in a restaurant. We can include a small train journey with a steam locomotive in Parque de la Amistad, visit the Nicolini Old Timer Collection (for a small extra fee) or eventually get known other less touristic parts of Lima depending on your comfort level.  

Apart from visiting Pachacamac you will learn how to navigate in the travel chaos, understand decoding traditional dishes. I will provide you help and advice for shopping and give other useful tips for planning the remaining part of your holiday in Peru.

Approximate duration: 7 hours

Price per person: 2 persons: $35, 3-4 persons: $30, Single private tour:$59
Price includes: public transport, entrance fee, English speaking personal guide fee and IGV (18%). Does not include meals and extras.

Price breakdown: $20 / person guide fee ($35 in case of single person )+ entrance ticket and public transport costs.

You can reserve this tour by paying the $20 / person guide fee only.

Pachacamac - by private car:

For those on a short schedule or who prefers the comfort of private transport.

Pick up from your hotel or selected location and private transport to the archeological site. Access to the pyramids and temple by our vehicle inside the archeological site. Visiting the on-site museum at the end of our trip and return to your selected location in Lima.

Approximate duration:  4 hours

Price per person: 2 persons: $69, 3-4 persons: $59, Single private tour:$119
Price includes: private transport, entrance fee, English speaking personal guide fee and IGV (18%). Does not include meals and extras.

This tour can be extended by visiting the Peruvian Gold and Weapons of the World Museum or the Vintage Cars Museum Nicolini, both outside of the city center.

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