Experience the diversity of the country to the north of Lima from the cloudy rain forest and home of countless waterfalls to the beach resort of Huanchaco, from Kuelap (considered the largest stone ruin site in the New World) to Chan Chan, the largest pre-Columbian city in South America. Enjoy breathtaking views along the route in this less discovered tourist paradise.

This route starts with flight from Lima to Tarapoto and ends in Trujillo following the itinerary: Tarapoto – Moyobamba – Chachapoyas-Cajamarca-Trujillo.

Additional side trips or extensions:

-visiting Yumbilla waterfall and Valley of the waterfalls near Pedro Ruiz (2 day-trip from Chachapoyas)
-Museum of Lord of Sipan near Chiclayo (2-day-extension on the way from Cajamarca to Trujillo)
-from Trujillo taking a direct bus to the mountain town of Huaraz to visit the white mountain range of Cordillera Blanca. Huaraz has frequent buses to Lima to terminate your trip there.

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Places of interest on this trip: 

Moyobamba: Capital of San Martin Province in the jungle area at an elevation of 860 meters. It is also called city of Orchids due to the 3500 orchid species to be found around the city. Visit San Francisco Botanic Garden (exhibits a huge variety of orchids and a butterfly conservatory) and San Mateo hot springs: open air thermal spa with several pools in natural surroundings.

Tingana / Alto Mayo Protected Area: Full day trip from Moyobamba to Tingana in the jungle combined with boat trip in the flooded forest among monkeys and several rare bird species. (Optional overnight stay combined with fishing in the afternoon and boat trip or walk after dark. In this case accommodation in eco-bungalows equipped with mosquito net).

 Kuelap:  citadel of the Chachapoya culture (People of the Clouds) in northern Peru where the Andes meets the Amazon at 3,000 meters above sea level. It is also called second Machu Picchu due to its surroundings and massive walls rising up to 19 meters in height.

 Gocta Waterfall: one of the highest waterfalls in the world (771m) discovered in 2006. (Also possible visit the nearby Yumbilla waterfall (895 m) on a 2 day trip).

 Cajamarca: A beautiful town with colonial architecture. This is the place where the history of the Inca Empire ended when the Spanish captured the Inca ruler Atahualpa. One of the main attraction is its Inca Bath considered to have great healing power. While Incas ruled it was a luxury spa for the Inca elite. Cajamarca also considered to have the best diary and cheese products in the country.

 Trujillo / Huanchaco: Trujillo is the 3rd biggest city of Peru with vibrant cultural life also home of the national marinera dance. 2 important archeological ruins are situated nearby: Chan Chan (the largest adobe city in the ancient world) and Temples of the Sun and Moon (composed of over 130 million adobe bricks and was the largest pre-Columbian adobe structure built in the Americas). Huanchaco is the beach resort of Trujillo, a real surfer’s paradise, place of many international competitions. Apart from modern surfing you can still observe people using the traditional “Caballito de totora”, small boat made of reed which is regarded as one of the first known surf craft. Huanchaco also considered to be the birthplace of the national seafood “ceviche”.

Price for the 10-day trip: 2 persons - $1015/person, 3 persons - $935/person, 4 persons - $855/person

No hidden charges, price includes all arising costs during the 10 days apart from meals:

-outbound flight from Lima to Tarapoto (near Moyobamba)
-all transport on route: combination of long distance buses and mini vans, all local transport and taxis.     Some roads of this itinerary has the most stunning views in the North of Peru.
-accommodation: double occupancy at mid-range hotels
-organized day excursion to Tingana in Alto Mayo Protected area
-entrance fee to all museums, national reserves / protected areas, local community fees, entrance to hot springs and spas   
-fee of your personal tour leader and his basic expenditures ( incl. his outbound flight to Tarapoto and return bus journey from Trujillo to Lima)

Not included:

-meals (Apart from breakfast where included in accommodation price and meals served on long distance buses. Day excursion to Tingana also includes breakfast and lunch.)
-gratuities and extras
-return tip from from Trujillo to Lima (flight starts around $120 and comfortable overnight buses with 180 degrees reclining seats cost $35.

You will need Yellow fever vaccination for this trip and also consider using anti-malaria pills on the first part of this itinerary. (From Tarapoto until Gocta Waterfalls)