Condors at Colca Canyon

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Why to choose Pay as You Go Peru ?

You will get for a competitive price:

-your trip planned according  your requirements and your personal tour leader throughout your holiday

-consultations how to prepare for your holiday

-flexibility during your holiday to make your stay shorter or longer at places you like or dislike eventually change itinerary during your trip. Remember, you reserve my guide services for a period of time and not for an exact itinerary. Apart from pre-arranged / paid parts of your holiday that cannot be modified (mostly visit to Machu Picchu) it also gives you the flexibility to make changes to our itinerary on the go provided we stay within the booked timeframe.    

Recommendations for organizing your holiday

-A holiday that includes Machu Picchuis recommended to start in nearby Cusco. International flights to Cusco go with change of flights in Lima. Booking your international outbound flight directly to Cusco costs around the same than booking the 2 flight-legs separately. Tovisit Machu Picchu train tickets to the ruins and entrance ticket to the site needs to be booked well in advance most of the year. The reason it isrecommended tostart your holidayhere, is as the above arrangements are difficult to amend or cancel with a refund. As this can be one of the most expensive part ofyour tripit is better not to miss due to some unforeseeable event. Leaving Machu Picchu behind at the beginning of your holiday will give you flexibility for the remaining part of your holiday.

-For all organized treks in Cordillera Blanca / Huayhuashvisitors should arrive to Lima 4 days before the start of the trek:

One day is needed to travel from Lima to Huaraz and another 2 days for acclimatization. Huaraz has an altitude of around 3050 meters above sea level and is the most important town of this mountain region, as well as starting point for treks to Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash.

During these 2 days we can make acclimatization treks to Laguna Churup (4450 m) above the city, visit nearby Pastoruri Glacier or relax in nearby thermal pools.

-If the return flight at the end of your holiday leaves from Lima last 2 days of your trip should be planned to spend in the capital city. 

This is essential to cover time-loss in case any unexpected delay occurs during the holiday. Time to time road closure, strike, extreme weather condition...etc might delay the return to the capital. This will provide you safety against missing your return flight in case any of these events occur. If everything goes as planned Lima and its surroundings  has a lot to offer for visitors for those remaining 2 days.


Your holiday booking gets confirmed once payment received or proof of payment provided for your initial deposit ($150 / group). This is a non-refundable deposit which includes / covers cost of organizing your holiday. The same amount will be deducted from the payment of your tour leader fee for the last 2 days of your trip in case the full contracted holiday period is completed. As PAYG Holiday Peru is a one-person business the services and dates are confirmed based on payment received first.

In case your holiday starts or ends in Peru at a location otherthan Lima  an additional payment of $100 will be requested before the start of your holiday to cover my travel cost to destination and one night accommodation before your group’s arrival.

For pre-arranged treks 50% deposit for the value of the trekneeds to be paid one month ahead of your holiday to secure the service.


Only necessary services will be paid in advance:

It is recommended to make advance
payments for arranging entrance fees and train tickets to Machu Picchu as theirnumbers are limited per day. Best practice to start to book these 2 once your flight to Peru is confirmed.

For duration of national holidays and regional events flights/bus tickets/accommodation might need to be booked and paid well in advance due to limited availability.

If you start your holiday out of Lima
traveling by long distance buses, the bus ticket is also recommended to be reserved 2 weeks ahead of the journey.


All other services not mentioned above or not
paid in advance will be settled on a Pay As You Go basis during your trip. You will be responsible to pay directly accommodation, transport cost, entrance tickets and other service providers during the holiday. I will provide you an estimated cost of expenses for every day during your trip. I will inform you well in advance if we travel to areas where money withdrawal can be difficult to ensure you will have sufficient fund for that part of the trip.  

The contracted tour leader fee will be settled during your holiday on an ongoing basis  always by partial payments of 2 day fee in            advance. At the time of every payment a paper or electronic invoice will be issued that includes 18% IGV (VAT).

For more details please click on Terms & Conditions below.